How Multimedia Is Changing the Business of Sports

The world of sports is thought to be there for the sheer entertainment of the fans that root for their teams, and the players who make a living playing their sports. However, in this day and age the world of sports is a big business endeavor. Sports have the ability to reach millions of people on a daily basis. Its effects are far reaching, and the faithful fans that populate the sports landscape are giving the organizations all the reason in the world to capitalize off their growing popularity.

For instance, the goal of an NBA team is not unlike the goal of any television show or Internet website. The goal is to get advertisers to pay to be associated with the product. For that reason there is a growing need to use multimedia and services like direct tv in order to promote the brand and gain that necessary advertising revenue.

One of the ways that teams are doing that these days is by creating live YouTube channels. One of the most successful examples of this is the Boston Celtics. They had a YouTube channel for a number of years and yet no one was watching or subscribing to it. Then they decided that instead of just putting highlights of games on there, they would start going right into the locker room after the game to have exclusive interviews with the team. This increased the number of people who wanted to have a subscription to the channel by tenfold.

What this kind of reaction does is it gets advertisers energized about the possibility of putting their brand on the beginning of these Celtic videos. What was once a dead revenue stream for advertising is now a very profitable revenue stream. It’s something that other teams will take note of and try to replicate. The key to the sports world is bringing the money in from advertising dollars. Going multimedia is just the latest way to do it.

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